Thomas & Friends Talk to You is no longer available for download.

Mattel and ToyTalk present Thomas & Friends Talk to You, featuring all-new fun adventures on the Island of Sodor. And now, fans can talk to and interact with their favorite #1 Blue Tank Engine and the rest of the Steam Team like never before!


Before children can speak with the characters, parents are required to give permission via email. See Safety & Privacy below.


  • Loaded with fun kid friendly play. Activities and themes include: learning shapes, memory games, speaking and listening, singing, telling stories, solving a mystery, transmitting information, making silly noises, sharing and taking turns, friendship and celebration
  • 8 brand new adventures crafted by Mattel in partnership with ToyTalk, the team behind 2013’s Most Innovative Kids App (The Winston Show) and starring the cast of Thomas & Friends
  • Features Thomas along with The Steam Team: Percy, Emily, James, Gordon, Toby and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Hours of interactivity featuring all-new dialogue
  • Completing episodes unlocks special bonus stories
  • Unique speech recognition technology that allows players to have two-way conversations with Thomas and his friends
  • Characters, music, sound effects, and locations taken directly from the series
  • Talk to Thomas about his life on Sodor
  • A special tutorial section for new players

Recommended Age

Thomas and Friends Talk to You is intended for kids ages 3-6, but is great for grown-ups and kids to play together.

In this video, join Thomas as he teaches you how to talk with him in the app.

Safety & Privacy

To enable speech recognition, we need to capture audio recordings, for which we require parental permission via email. ToyTalk makes online safety and privacy a priority. After granting permission, parents can access and control their child’s recordings from our website at www.toytalk.com.

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